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Back up/ Storage Solutions

Never miss another backup window.

NetExcel backup solutions deliver modern backup-and-recovery capabilities to keep your business data safe and available: On premises. At remote offices. And in the cloud.

Deploy a modern backup infrastructure.

Deploy best-of-breed backup technologies designed for your current and future IT requirements. Update or rebuild your existing backup-and-recovery infrastructure with:

  • High-performance, array-based backup and recovery
  • Cloud-integrated backup-and-recovery and data-availability services
  • High-density disk storage for enterprise backup
  • Small-footprint, low-overhead remote office/branch office solutions

Protect your business with unified data replication.

  • Simplify data-protection management across the Data Fabric with cross-platform replication—from flash to disk to cloud.
  • Transport data seamlessly and efficiently between NetExcel storage systems to support both backup and disaster recovery with the same target volume and I/O stream.
  • Fail over to any secondary volume. Recover from any point-in-time Snapshot on the secondary storage.
  • Safeguard your most critical workloads with available zero-data–loss synchronous replication (RPO=0).