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Netexcel  systems  and  technology  Limited  (Netexcel)  is  an  information  and communication  technology  company,  with  strengths  in  management  of  IT- outsourced functions, Internetwork/Network High Level designs and Implementation,  and  Consulting. The company started its operations about 11yrs ago, with an enterprise registration and later on was registered as a limited liability company.

The vision of Netexcel is to become an ICT of repute within its market niche by 2020. This  goal  is  driven  through  offering  professional  IT  services  to help   our   customers   to   meet   their   goals   and   objectives,   Proposing        and promoting  leading  edge  technology  that  will  foster  convenience  and  cost advantage to our customer, and Proving world class advisory and consultancy services that will engender changes in our customer environment

The motivation to establish Netexcel was on the ground of scarcity of seasoned and professional IT support resources. Also  companies,  are  willing  more  to concentrate on areas of their core competences while allowing other organizations  to  take  care  of  their  IT  requirements. Netexcel  has  a  pool  of specialist  IT  human and capital  resources  that  are  deployed  either  on  permanent, temporary or ad hoc basis, depending on customer needs.  It is the customer of Netexcel to deploy its own resources on every project deployed for continuous management thereby saving cost for the customer and guaranteeing the service level agreement.

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